1959 Porsche 356A Convertible for sale

€ 40000
Thursday, June 27, 2019

1959 Porsche 356A Super Convertible D. This car has not been driven or licensed since 1971. It was originally delivered to Hammburg, Germany, where it was purchased by a US serviceman who eventually had it shipped to the USA when he came back here. There were only 4 Convertible Ds supplied from the factory with Rudge wheels. This is one of those 4.

The rust on the outer surface of the car is due to its being covered for several decades with a plastic tarp that did not allow the humidity to evaporate from the surface. But because the bottom and interior of the car did not have contact with the tarp, they are in good condition, rust-wise. There are some typical rust holes in the floor. The floors is not bad enough to require anything other than patching. The wheel wells and head light buckets are in very good condition. There is no sag to the body and the longitudinals and rocker panels are in very good condition. The doors open and close as they should.

I believe the car is still in its original ruby red paint, as there are no signs of overspray or other paint coats beneath it. This is a completely numbers-matching car with its original super engine, transmission, doors, hood, and engine lid. The shut lines on the car are very good throughout as well

The car has all the items with it that were specified from the factory, including Becker radio, cigar lighter, clock, ash tray, and Rudge wheels. Some of these were missing when I got it but I was able to find the missing items and purchase them. I purchased the 5 Rudge wheels, 4 Rudge hubs and brake drums, and 4 Rudge knock-off spinners from the only company that still makes them exactly like they were made in 1959. The company is called German Rudge Wheels, located in Austria. All of these items go with the car, of course. I will sell and ship worldwid


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