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Monday, December 10, 2018

AX SUPERPRODUCTION 1988 the one and only in 1600 CC
has already done its rounds on the famous circuit hightech CASTELLET – tested and approved by the greatest drivers of the time! WHO’S NEXT ?

At the time of the 80s Citroen sport is engaged in a crazy bet on circuit in 1987-88 a before come back on the circuits in 2015 …..

The chevrons brand created 4 cars, “AX SUPER SPORT” for development in the 87’s 88 .. in collaboration with Joseph Labris (boss of Danielson (and already Master of work of ax Sport series) … for the “Superproduc” as it was called! More liberal prototype: The AX SUPERSPORT was born ….

Many tests and development, only one success on the circuit of Pau in 1988 piloted by JP Jarier / Vergnaud … Ambitious project which was stopped net given the exorbitant costs and the expenses engaged in the development of 4 AX SUPER PRODUCTION. ..

A success story that lasted for too few years …. (classic n 50)

Of the 4 existing and remaining worldwide !!!
2 AX SUPERPRODUCTIONS (1380 cc and 1600cc) were revised in the FORCE MOTORSPORT workshop, the first of which, the 1380 CC cc reconfigured completely while scrupulously respecting the specifications of the time.

After a work of restoration and preparation, the challenge for FORCE MOTORSPORT was to make it roll on circuit with the wheel, Mr. Jean Pierre Jarrier;
In all discretion and because his first spin was reserved for us, the AX SUPERPRODUCTION 1380 CC confidently displayed his first turns on this circuit and test center of the Driving Center to the delight of the FORCE MOTORSPORT preparer who decided to to ensure, later, its development on the 5.8 km circuit Castellet HTTT in 2014 ……. in the company of the press and a test driver (strength) titled and used to drive old racing cars ( see echap classic n50)

His big sister, the 1600 cc AX SUPER PRODUCTION is currently on sale and visible on appointment …..
It starts without problems and has already made its first laps on the circuit 2 years ago( ex pilot jarier )

Collection car without moderation –
is aimed at authentic collectors and enthusiasts of the 2 chevrons brand! it’s a car to keep –
phone 0033609068361


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