€ 18000
Tuesday, June 4, 2019

C2R2 max full evo
Case matter R2 citroen sport
R2 Passport
Gray card
engine 450km
box sadev revised 0 km
departure strat
shocks bos 3 ways revised stac 150km
new radiator
new distri
new water pump
new rack
everything else 450km
new citroen sport bassinet
box radiator option
new extinguishers
inside full atech new 2023 (steering wheel, seats, harness, helmet net)
flocked dashboard
headlamp xenon citroen sport
rigid tank origin to lower costs (not for you if you wish to make a world championship test)
AIM Dash
New paint
Lot edge:
10 wheels
12 tires RK7 and R11 medium condition


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