Ferrari 288GTO Wheels Factory Speedline Etched 3 Piece with Tires OEM 288 GTO

€ 7500
Thursday, August 29, 2019

These 16″ Speedline wheels measure 8″ and 10″ in width and were produced in June 1984 for use on a Ferrari 288 GTO. Ferrari 288 GTO production was only 272 cars, which were built from 1984-1987 equipped with center-locking, multi-piece aluminum wheels, making this an incredibly rare and desirable set of Speedline wheels. Castings on the backs of the spokes show dimensions, production dates, offsets, and part numbers.

The rear wheels show part number 122466, measure 10″ in width, and have an offset of 58. The front wheels are differentiated with part number 122454, as well as their dimensions of 16×8″ and an offset of 32.6.


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