Honda Civic Fn2 Full GrA/Racing Start /F2000 /K11

€ 18900
Friday, March 1, 2019

Honda Civic Fn2 Full GrA/Racing Start /F2000 /K11
4 different possibility configurations:
A7,K11,Racing start+,F2000
New engine 248 to 276 Hp
Roll bar Jas
Very light Body (1030kg for hillclimb)
18 rims setup
extremetech full rebuild 3 way suspensions
Aim pista acquisition dashboard
Full Acquisition (engine Brake ecu ecc)
Lot of parts Lot of Tyres
Brembo Homologated brake with 2 pump
Hidraulic handbrake
Sequential Homologate Gearbox with different lsd possibility or final drive possibility

Engine is new. Only two race. I use cp pistons 12.5 cr and bc rods. Head is full worked from rf team. Valve spring and all head parts are from supertech. Valve use original size for regulament. Camshaft are from Foltran and are same to toda d spec. Little difference for have more power at middle rpm. 13.5 higt lift is a garantee of power. Limiter is 9000rpm gr a or kit 9500 with 4tbs.
Ecu is svell from Foltran. Specific for k20 with manual tb. Full modificable. Aquisition aim. Dash.
Gearbox is Zanghellini. 6 race on clock very duty and heavy. Lsd setup now is with 28/90 ramps and 6 face disc work but without preload for more guidability. Final drive is setup for 172kmh at 9000rpm.


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