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Saturday, September 19, 2020

Lotus Elise 111R (2006) – RHD:

– Power: 288 PS
– Weight with all fluids and 60l fuel but without driver: 844,5kg (weighted in May 2020
– Engine rebuilt in 2018/2019 after approximatly 105.000km, revised engine now approx. 3.000km Sleeved Engine, Forged rod and pistons, lower compression 10.5:1 (originally 11.5:1) > done by KomoTec
– Cylinder head rebuilt in 2018/2019 after approximatly 105.000km New OEM valve springs, new Ferrea Valves > done by KomoTec
– Turbodrive Kit (Rotrex supercharger > supplied by KomoTec, assembled by myself) Upgrade from 192 PS to 288 PS
– KomoTec 4-1 exhaust header with decat connected via V-Band connector (V-Band for fast cat exchange without need for new gaskets)
– 200 cell catalyser for road with V-Band connector
– Silenced decat pipe with V-Band connector (used once)
– 2bular GT3 exhaust 6″, repackable, with V-Band connector
– Moroso Baffled Oil pan
– Custom Rear Shear Panel because the Lotus Motorsport Rear Shear Panel does not fit with the Moroso Oil pan
– free programable Ecumaster EMU Black (mapped by KomoTec)
– brandnew Laminova Engine Oil Cooler
– brandnew Laminova Transmission Oil Cooler
– brandnew Custom Triple Pass ProAlloy Radiator with 55mm core
– Transmission with shorter Final Drive (5:1 with Vmax approximatly 235 km/h, OEM Final Drive is 4.6:1) and stronger gears (3. and 4. gear from Jubu Racing
– Ultralight Flywheel
– upgraded Exedy clutch (replaced at engine revision)
– Custom Alloy coolant bottle
– Pro Alloy Motorsport fuel filler
– Pro Alloy Fuel Tank 60l with stronger fuel pump from Exige Cup260/2-Eleven
– LotusSport Oil Catch Tanks
– Aerodynamic Package with full carbon rear wing from 2-Eleven, custom Sideskirts and custom Frontsplitter
– Body in Lotus Premium Paint “Autumn Gold”, according to Lotus only about 20 cars worldwide painted in Autumn Gold Painting is not good anymore, due to track use car got partially repainted. For perfect paint a full respray would be necessary.
With frontclam top air vents from Exige GT3.
– Single Skin Lightweight Hardtop
– Lotus Sport forged rims from Elise Cup (the lightest Lotus rims at the moment)
– Osport Carbon Front Access Panels
– Wide Reverie Carbon Side Scoops Exige Style
– Custom High Downforce Alloy Diffuser
– Rear Clam Vents (similar to 2-Eleven) for better air flow and engine cooling/venting
– KomoTec Kobra 4pot caliper front and 2 pot caliper rear with integrated handbrake – with 313mm floating PFC brake discs overall
– Brake cooling pipes front
– Nitron Race 2way suspension with Eibach springs 550/750 lbs
– shorter ratio Steering rack with 2.45 turns lock to lock (normally 2.83 turns lock to lock). Higher mounted due to lower car with 10 notch steering rack raiser plates from Lotus
– Wishbones, steering track rods and droplinks with Unibals/RoseJoints
– brandnew Pilbeam Motorsport AntiRollbar
– removable leathered steering wheel 300mm with high quality Krontec-SnapOff mechanism
– Wireless Steering Wheel Pushbuttons for Horn, turn lights etc.
– Custom shifter housing > better shifts, stiffer and lighter
– Letsla transmission shifter linkage assembly at transmission
– stronger, stiffer engine mounts from innovative Mounts
– Eltech CarbonKevlar seats
– AIM MXS Display with fully integrated datalogger, GPS, G-sensor, shift lights etc., with integrated AIM SmartyCam for fully automatic movies with automatic data overlay (it´s possible to get from track into the garage, download the movie and see all the data in the movie without the hassle to do it on you own on the computer). Datalogs can be downloaded from AIM MXS for detailed analyzing. The new AIM MX2E specified for Lotus is only a dash display, not a logger!
– Alloy hand fire extinguisher
– brand new Chargecooling kit from KomoTec, which got modified with bigger pipe diameters (25mm instead of 19mm for faster/more fluid pumping), proper water pump Pierburg CWA100 and modified front oil coolers (welded 25mm pipe connectors on the radiators)
– brand new Spitfire ToeLink
– brand new custom alloy dashboard

Optionally could be purchased:
– second Lotus forged 5spoke wheel set with Toyo R1R tyres
– gearbox with 30.000km

The car got track measured every year (with measurement set from Andytec) and corner weighted from time to time by myself.
The car got serviced/maintained every year by myself. Every year the fluids got replaced

The car has no accident, no damaged chassis, no bent wishbones or similar.
Due to use on racetracks you should not expect perfect painting on the body.

Best personal lap at Spa: 2:40,16 min
I have a Youtube-Movie with the two fastest laps at Spa: https://youtu.be/R0DAsUgZKTc


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