Porsche 962 Kremer CK6

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Porsche 962 Kremer CK6 for sale

A unique opportunity to purchase one of the iconic Porsche 962 sportscars, in fantastic condition and stunning Leyton House livery. Originally built for the Japanese Sportscar Championship. Rebuilt in period by Kremer, and raced successfully more recently – eligible for all Group C racing and Le Mans Legend events, recently converted to Motec electronics to enable better engine management of the Air-Water engine.

In the late eighties the Kremer brothers had a development of the 962, which was given the CK (C for Group C racing, the K for Kremer) designation. The Le Mans 962 CK6 featured a short tail, a centre-post wing and covered wheel arches which gave the Porsche a quite different appearance from the standard 962.
Kremer Racing benefited hugely from a longterm business relationship with Mssrs. Hagiwara and Akagi, the principals of Leyton House, which led to a full sponsorship agreement between 1987 and 1989. In view of the positioning in the Asian market of the Leyton House clothing brand, Kremer raced in both Japan and Europe. Chassis CK6-01/2 raced at the following races in 1988 :
3rd March 1988, Fuji 500 Kilometer, Fuji Speedway
Kris Nissen, Harald Grohs, 2nd overall
1st May 1988, All Japan Fuji 1000 Kilometres, Fuji Speedway
Kris Nissen, Bruno Giacomelli, 1st overall
24th July 1988, JAF Grand Prix All Japan Fuji 500 Miles, Fuji Speedway

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