ZF 25DS-25-0 transaxle

€ 6000
Saturday, August 6, 2022

This is a ZF 25DS-25-0 transaxle as used in the original Ford GT-40’s and some Lotus’s and could work in a Mangusta. It is a 4 bolt case with external shifter linkage and aluminum side bearing/ axle retainers. It has a 3:44-1 ring-pinion ratio. No signs of case repair or damage. Unit is complete including the drive flanges but less the bell-housing. The top cover has the mounting ears and the mounting holes are 9″ apart. The drive flanges are 4 bolt like on a Mangusta. This ZF did not have a I.D. tag. I.D. was stamped on top of the casebehind the top cover. The ring & pinion look new and have grease to keep off any moisture.

Gearbox Type: 5DS-25-0
Ratio: 3:44-1
Differential: Locking

Asking $6,000

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